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Safe Step® is recognized as the most complete line of ice melters available.

Pet-Friendly Deicing


Safe Step® is committed to pet safety, with patented ice melters that don’t irritate pets' paws and meet the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard. 

Safe Step® Sure Paws®


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Environmentally Friendly Deicing

Safe Step® offers three products that are safer for people, pets and the environment and meet the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Standard.

Safe Step® Sure Paws®
Safe Step® Mag Chloride 8300®
Safe Step® 6300 Enviro-Blend®


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High-Performance Deicing

Our Safe Step® line features enhanced formulas that work fast and melt ice in temperatures as low as -25°F.

Safe Step® 7300 Calcium Chloride
Safe Step® 4300 Dual Blend®


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